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Choosing the Perfect Military Knife

1 It should be emphasized once again, the best military knives are fixed blade with full tang. Definitely do not want your essential tool for survival will break in two, a situation that could happen with a switchblade. As a general rule, folding survival knives have a shorter life span, thinner blades, have a much higher chance of breaking under pressure. It ‘important to note that a fixed blade survival that does not have a full tang can break the knives as reclosable because the blade and the handle are not made ??from the same piece of metal.

2.Il fixed blade knife must have a knob at the end of the handle, this gives tremendous strength when using it as a hammer.

3 An ergonomic handle and adherent is another essential factor in a knife. The handle must be well designed, simple and comfortable, created to follow the size and shape of the hand and to provide a good seal in every situation. In addition, it would be better if it had a hole to insert a string.

4 Do you need a blade strong, with a good thickness and with a quality heat treatment. The suitable heat treatment is essential for maximum resistance. These characteristics give strength and wear resistance.

5 The high-quality steel in the blade is also a key element when it comes to choosing the best survival knife fixed blade. There are many types of steels, but the best steel for a survival knife is stainless steel with a high carbon content.

6 Size matters in a survival knife. As a general rule, bigger is not necessarily better. If you choose a huge knife, it can become a burden when you have to make a detailed work such as skinning small game or carve when precision is required. Obviously, a small blade is able to do only the work of medium strength. The overall size is ideal for the best fixed blade knife survival is between 23-25 ??inches.

7 The tip must be sharp, do not buy angled tips, hooked or rounded. The tip is essential for self-defense and will not affect the ability to hit pushed through the thick fur or clothes. The tip also becomes essential to remove splinters or punching.

8 The blade should be sharpened at one and not a double-edged sword, since it might make some of the most difficult tasks to perform.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best military knife, you should take into account all the features I mentioned above; I know, it is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. Also, buy a knife of high quality which you can entrust your life, stay away from cheap imitations.

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