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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Pro

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Pro has been designed in response to the wishes of many consumers who loved the Ultimate Knife, and it required an improved version.

The Ultimate Knife was a great model thanks to the convenience of the handle, the ease with which it could be used to carve wood and optimal characteristics for survival, but has often been criticized for having too soft a steel blade, which required during ‘constant use sharpening in the field. This model ‘Pro’ is the response to these criticisms by Gerber.

This knife is made ​​of stainless steel 9Cr19MoV: a steel with a high carbon content, very similar to the 440C, and is constructed so that the steel starting from the tip and reaches the apple. The dominant colors of this knife are black and orange, which promote the visibility of the knife where it can fall or there are conditions of limited visibility.

The cutting blade is extremely sharp, and ready to use. With an overall length of 25.4 cm, including 12 cm of the blade, this knife is valued for its ability to withstand the grinding, even in the face of continued use, which also include bumps and falls.

The handle Ultimate Survival Pro is built in ergonomic non-slip rubber, and provides a solid grip in critical circumstances. Un’incavatura in the upper part of the handle allows to leverage with the index in a very simple way, which facilitates cutting operations end and sharpening.

This knife specifically designed for survival includes an emergency whistle, very strong and loud, attached to the handle of the knife. In case of need, the pommel stainless steel can be used as a hammer in emergency situations. The handle is made also in such a way as to allow the use of the knife as a spear of an emergency, by inserting a stick in an appropriate hole: the lance, not perfectly balanced, not work particularly well at a distance, but can be used on site for give swipes or lunges.

Also the quality of the sheath, extremely safe and made ​​of ballistic nylon, is very high: able to withstand critical weather conditions and any type of damage, and includes a penknife carbide for situations in which it should be necessary to sharpen the knife. The housing also includes a tinder-box, for cases in which it should be necessary to light a fire. In short, this is a knife that has several functions, ‘extra’, therefore ideal as a tool in the round, which includes a number of functions into a single object.

The knife works pretty well as a tool for splitting and carving, especially considering its thickness. One of the most interesting parts, however, is the presence of a mini-guide to survival on the back of the sheath, made ​​of a material resistant to water. Pulling an orange ribbon, you can get basic information on how to light fires, signal their presence, looping the rope and build traps, and many other things. It is a fun addition for those who are beginners.

It is ultimately a good survival knife, which could save really life in case you find yourself alone in hostile environments.

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