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KA-BAR combat knife US Marine Corps Full Size

The KA-BAR USMC knife is one of the most famous knives in the world, and for good reason. This weapon was originally designed for the United States troops in World War II, and since then its efficacy has been universally recognized. This particular version is no exception.

The KA-BAR has a straight blade with a length of 17.7 cm, and a leather grip that makes it easy to hold. It is one of the few knives to present the brand of the bodies of Marine of the United States, and also has an angle of 20 degrees. The blade is made of steel 1095 Cro-Van, a material incredibly vigorous.

Just like the other line KA-BAR knives, this US Marine Corps is built according to very strict procedures: the finished product is very resistant to corrosive factors, and can keep the cut much longer than other knives. Another feature that makes this knife is well above the average sharpening the blade is extremely sharp, and immediately ready for use.

The KA-BAR knife is generally considered an extremely tough and durable, and this reputation is directly motivated by the production process. Unlike many other knives, the KA-BAR is subjected to endless grinding processes, annealing, heat, test the handle and much more.

The blade is designed for extended use over time, even in adverse conditions: it is, after all, a model designed for war. If ever you will need to re-sharpen the blade, the process will still be pretty easy. Even the handle leather is really very resistant, and allows to hold the socket firmly in any type of condition.

Ultimately, the KA-BAR USMC knife is a very well made and suitable for continuous use and extended: it is a purchase to last for many years. The fame of the model is fully deserved: it is not just a fancy name, but a model that keeps everything it promises.

This is not only a combat knife, but it will prove useful in many other situations, such as hunting, sports, the outdoors, and much more. A single demerit, if you can call it, is that the blade might be a bit ‘too edgy, and therefore potentially dangerous: what makes a model definitely not recommended for those who are beginners with knives.

This high quality product is therefore highly recommended for anyone who has some experience with this type of instrument. Any enthusiast or expert of knives knows the reputation of this model, and it should own one. If you need a weapon for tactical operations, but also if you need a simple tool for many open-air activities, the KA-BAR is a good buy.

Even for simple collectors is a good buy: the leather sheath is in fact very well made, has the emblem of the Marine, and makes this knife is not only extremely useful, but also beautiful to see or keep on display. The cost, a bit ‘high, it is not affordable for everyone, but for anyone who can afford such an instrument is a purchase basic, that will not disappoint the expectations, and that is going to last a lot over time.

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