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Key features to look for the best military knife

The shank is the part of the blade that extends up to the handle. A good survival knife has the full tang which makes it robust, able to undergo any pressure, always using it properly.

The handle must be ergonomic, fitting the hand and made of a very durable material, which absorbs shocks and vibrations, however, must not deteriorate in any weather condition imaginable. The best ones are made ??of Kraton G-10 and Mycarta. Metal ones are excellent even if they are covered with rubber for a good grip.

The knob adds stability to the soldier’s knife, as well as allow you to use it as a hammer, improves the weight and balance of the blade.

The steel must be of high quality, preferably a stainless steel alloy, which has a hardness of carbon steel and the rust resistance of SS. The best variety is the stainless steel with high carbon content, such as the VG10, but these knives will be the most expensive.

The thickness of the blade is an important factor for heavy duty use, the blade may break or storge.

The channel will allow the blood to escape during skinning, thus making your job easier.

The weight must be reasonable if you plan to bring a knife with you always, a good survival knife should not weigh more than 1 pound. Obviously, it depends on your personal preference and your physical dimension.

The size of the knife is essential, you should stay away from huge survival knives, a knife from 10-13 inches is more than enough for any task imaginable, from defense to cut the wood. A great knife is difficult to carry and weighs more (except for Rambo).

The sheath is very important, the best ones are made ??of nylon with Kydex inserts. This type of composite material highly resistant to wear and perfect for any climate.

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