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Presto Eversharp 8810 Electric Knife Sharpener Review

Presto are a brand known for producing a whole host of different kitchen hardware. Are they a jack of all trades or have they also mastered the art of producing a quality knife sharpener? Read our Presto Eversharp review to find out.

Features Presto Eversharp 8810

The Presto Eversharp allows users to choose one of three angles at which the knife is sharpened. This is a brilliantly unique feature for an electric sharpener, and will allow you to try out a whole range of different knives; from kitchen to hunting. Its thick angle setting will accommodate hunting knives; medium for chef’s knives and standard kitchen knives; and its thin setting will work for paring or fillet knives.

The Presto Eversharp’s first stage has coarse sapphirite grinding wheels instead of diamond, which helps explain the relatively low price of $42. Its second stage has medium sapphirite grinding wheels to help give the blade a more precise edge, before its third and last stage polishes the blade to an exact edge with its extra fine grit ceramic wheel.


First off, Presto do recommend that you only use very dull knives on the first stage. DO NOT learn the hard way! Anything sharper than the dullest of the dull and the 8810 will eat it right up. However, if your knives are in need of a serious spruce up then this first stage is a miracle worker.Presto Eversharp 8810 Review.

Still, I’d start with stage two. If that doesn’t do the trick then give stage one a shot. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Presto Eversharp 8810 achieves a uniform edge along the full length of the blade, which is always a sign of a truly great knife sharpener. In short, you will get factory-like results with this if you use it correctly. Just make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and practice a bit. Pretty soon you’ll have it nailed.


The 8810 only requires a few passes through each stage and leaves a great and very sharp finish. Each swipe is so effective that it’s easy to overdo it, so be sure to check the blade after each pass. I’d even go as far to say for most knives you’ll only need two passes on each of stages two and three. Four passes in total! Brilliant.

In Conclusion…

The Presto Eversharp 8810 is one of the most, if not the most, effective knife sharpeners we’ve reviewed. Not only does it do a great job of touching up your blades, but it can perform miracles with your dullest bottom-of-the-barrel knives too. And all for the price of $42? Unbelievable value.

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