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Review – KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps B001H53Q6M

Pretty much anyone reading this will be familiar with Ka-Bar and its history of hard-core reliability for everyday chores, as well as its unquestioned lethal efficiency in last-ditch combat applications.

Well- it is likely that anything you’ve ever heard about this legendary blade is true. The original pattern, almost identical to the one carried and relied on through WWII, Korea, and Vietnam and now in constant use by present day heroes serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world, has always had features worth far more than its price would dictate. Exceptional steel, the blade will take, and hold, a shaving edge, and it can be re-sharpened in the field with just a bit of effort. ( I use a V-shaped ceramic rod sharpener on mine and have always been able to get that razor sharp edge again after just a dozen passes.)

The leather-stack handle provides an excellent grip, and the balance of the knife is perfect. The shape of the blade is extremely well done – a very sharp point, sufficient curve, or belly, to allow slicing / skinning/ dressing, a long enough straight portion for anything else, and enough heft to make thrusting, chopping or slashing all second nature in a combat situation.

There ARE different blade sizes and configurations available in the Ka-Bar line, some of these come with partial serrations, some with a semi-tanto style point… I suppose to each his own. But this original style gives one a feeling of stone-solid reliability and confidence, like having a friend at your side who will always cover your back.

You can certainly find more exotic, more appealing and more ‘tactical / cool looking’ knives than this, and it is true that some military guys will shell out from 100 to 500 dollars for a high-grade custom style combat knife. Fine. But if you only have fifty bucks or so, get this one and take it into whatever situations you deal with. It will never let you down.

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