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RTAK 8626 II Survival Knife – Ontario Knife Company

The American Ontario Knife Company has a significant history in the manufacture of high quality knives. William Maudsley, William B. Ensworth and Charles Albert Brace were the founders of this company way back in 1889, The name is inspired by Naples in Ontario County, New York.

Like many big companies, the Ontario Knife Company has started from the bottom: it was vendors who roamed the countryside on a chariot drawn. The report of this company with its customers, however, continued to improve, thanks to the very high quality of the products. Since then, the brand has always been synonymous with high quality materials, excellent craftsmanship uncompromising and a real dedication to their work.

This knife high quality, has a carbon steel blade 5160, has a total length of about 43 cm, with 27 cm blade, thick 0.5 cm. The steel was hardened up to a 54-56 on the Rockwell scale, with a shielding-based powder to prevent corrosion. The color of the blade is given by the zinc phosphate finish. The knife includes a black ballistic nylon sheath.

The best survival knives are those made with the advice of people who are accustomed to using similar tools in survival situations, and this knife was created with the help of people who have some experience in the field.

Mike Perrin and Jeff Randal manage the Randall’s Adventure Training (RAT), a research team that head gear survival and works in the field of freight forwarding and training guide to survival: it is short of men with some experience in the use of knives in authentic survival situations.

In 2002, the Ontario Knife Company has embarked on an exclusive agreement with the RAT team for the series production of exclusive knives. Since then, these knives made ​​with the advice of the team RAT have been used by civilians, soldiers, adventurers and professionals all over the world in authentic situations of conflict such as Iraq or Afghanistan, and received very positive opinions about their quality and durability.

The knives RAT are part of the range ESSE, which is part of the line RTAK II, characterized by the use of steel SAE 5160 This type of steel contains from 0.56 to 0.64% carbon, 0.75% – 1% of manganese, and the 0.7-0,9% chromium, materials that make a blade and impact resistant to damage. It is a rather simple material to be sharpened, in particular in the field, although it requires some attention.

The blade of this model is perfect for cutting shrubs and foliage in critical situations, and the ergonomic shape of the handle provides excellent grip, ideal for prolonged use. The handle is made of Micarta, a material resistant to abrasion and moisture absorption, and virtually impossible to scratch. The bone can be used for splitting glazing, and has a hole that can be used to tie the knife and prevent loss.

In general, this is a great survival knife and camping. The quality of the material used is great, and it is a model well-balanced and very durable, ideal for splitting. Combined with other models in the OKC, as the RAT-5, RAT-7, this is an excellent choice, especially compared to other models in the ESSE, as the Junglass.

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