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Review Tool Logic SLP2 SLPro Satin Polish Folding Knife

Tool Logic has been coming up with revolutionary products for years. Since 1994, they have been researching on innovative ways to develop better tools like the Credit Card Companion, multi-function knives, and flashlights. One of their best products today is the Tool Logic SLP2. Continue reading Review Tool Logic SLP2 SLPro Satin Polish Folding Knife

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Get up close and SOG knives

During the 60s, worked in vietnam a secret unit of the United States armed forces, known as MACV-SOG, who carried out covert operations patrol in difficult terrain and inhospitable. The members of MACV-SOG had supplied a legendary knife fighter, known as SOG knifes, specially made to support them in clandestine operations within the Vietnamese jungle.

In 1986, the American designer Spencer Frazer, inspired by the name of the military unit, founded the SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. The company created a commemorative copy of the SOG knife, which was a significant success in the world by launching the SOG brand. Today, the company, with headquarters in Lynnwood, Washington USA, offers a vast catalog of knives and multi-purpose blades. Continue reading Get up close and SOG knives